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November 9th, 2012, 19:03
Big pixels - hmmm, that's a hard one. I thought you would like it more (actually, I artifically enlarged these pixels to make it look more pixelated)… I'm not sure I can change it now, the project is in a quite advanced stage… Plus, personally I like these graphics (I hope I'm not a lone weirdo with unusual taste no one shares ).

Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
However, surprisingly enough, there is now quite a glut of similar style retro blob RPGs announced. What sets yours apart (apart form pixel size )?
Well, I was looking around and there is only one game (Legend of Grimrock) that is "similar" (and that's saying with a big stretch of the word similar). I was unable to find any other finished and released game in first person perspective and 90 degree rotation.
As for announced games, there is a total difference between "announced" and "finished". To my experience as a developer far less than 1% of projects are actually finished, so I will worry about those when I see a playable demo at the very least

But to be more specific about my game:

- it's turn based (monsters wait quietly when you go to make tea or something) while combat is still very fast (probably faster than average realtime combat). Which is quite rare (and nice in my opinion) combination. That's one of the core design decisions.

- it will have rather non linear feel. You can visit places in quite free order (as long as you can survive the encounter with monsters there, but there are not many artificial obstacles (like keys)). To make it clear, it's not one of these "huge empty worlds where in theory you can do everything but in practice it's empty and boring", the world will be compact, not too big but feature rich.

- it won't be too long (in terms of lenght of play). I know some will see it as a negative trait, but my goal is to make it so people who work and have not too much time can enjoy (and finish) it too. I strive it to be "a good trade of your time to fun" not "the longest game possible". Or to put it other way, I would rather have players say it was too short and wished it was longer that to say it was too long and they are fed up with it.

- it will be a consistent game. You know there are games with incompatible things, mixing genres, different quality and style of graphics, etc. For that one I want all aspects of it to be all from the same toy box.

- no innovation for the sake of innovation. There is this common disease among developers, they make a game and they think how to make it "original" and think about it so hard that they end up with some completely random features that not fit and break the game. I'm not one of these developers. If I can invent some unique cool mechanic for it, I will include it, if I can't and everyone will shout it's nothing new here I can live with it. All I care about is if the game is fun or not. Every single thing I put in this game is filtered by "will it be fun to my players?". I feel very strongly about it.
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