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November 10th, 2012, 01:19
Ain't that odd?
Just seen new Total Recall too.

Pros - non-stop action, no yucky romances, superb CGI, awsome sound/music, not bad story and - boobs too. Three.

Cons - a few hardly bearable/believable scenario bases that the rest of the plot is built upon. And the movie's title is… wrong.

If you're going to watch this, all you need is to forget everything about Verhoeven's masterpiece. And you'll very much enjoy it. If this movie wasn't named "Total Recall", it'd probably be praised as an awsome sci-fi action movie.
I mentioned scenario/story problems. Imagine this, a spec op is pretending for 6 months to be someone's wife - instead of, because of her extraordinary skills seen later, instead of being used elsewhere. While Verhoeven "patched" this obvious hole by putting a bullet into Sharon Stone's head (a blasphemic move that felt so wrong, how can you kill Basic Instict star at the beginning of the movie but in fact was a touch of a genius). It's not the only problem, just is the most obvious.

In some other world, this movie could be Deus Ex:HR or somehting from that setting with DX title. The sound in the movie actually feels like ripped of DX:HR game. And we'd say it's probably the best gamebased/themed movie.

By forcing the name Total Recall on it, authors didn't make a favor to themselves, but it resulted in the opposite effect as everyone compared it to the movie with last action kindergarden cop hero ().

In the end, with all this flaws, I liked this one. It's not a masterpiece, but definetly deserves:
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