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November 10th, 2012, 08:28
I believe you are trying to imply something based on what some of us have said that we never intended to say.

I can't say why the others became upset, or how much ass kissing people want. I can say and have said why it is bugging me in my previous post. I never thought he should kiss any asses. I do not mean to say he should have outright abandoned his ideas and became a writer for CDP. However, he did agree to the developer having all the freedom they wanted in his universe, he did not agree to "well you can do what you want, and it's very good I'm sure (tho' I don't consider video games anything worthwile), but if I have them whim, I'll just say you are constricting my artistic rights and retcon the whole thing into an alternate universe".

Now I ain't a stranger to writing, or including others in a creative process where your own creation is the basis. I gotta say, when you agree to something like he did, and even have a legal part of that agreement, you don't back out later. No sir. It is just tasteless, there's no honor to it. The only justification would be if you had been lied to or bobbed, and now they are perverting your work into something you hate or cannot identify with anymore. It ain't the case here, considering how the developer took large pains to preserve the tone, details, and message of Sapkowski's world (I'd even go as far to say that the angst about the Witcher games being harder to access and a bit slow on the start is the direct result of the loyal and uncompromising interpretation of the Witcher universe).
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