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November 10th, 2012, 14:05
I don't think so, for multiple reasons.
- The DSA Licence is extremely limiting and strict. In the past people making games with this licence complained now and then that it's quite hard to work with it. It probably also needs a strong collaboration with the license holders. At least in the past they always did that, which also limits the story possibilieties quite a bit. No real "save the world" or "change the world" scenarios possible (personally I like that it is limited that way, but that's another topic)
-I don't think that it's very hard to "get" the lincense, as long as you fulfill these conditions. Can't give you any quotes here but I have a very strong feeling that if Guido wanted the License he could have had it.
-The DSA License is very strong in Germany, but not internationally. This was one reason why Drakensang: River of Time failed afaik. It was a big success in Germany. But the costs were so high, that an international success would have been necessary.
Guido and his team however are located in the USA. As he states it's hard for him to even write proper German anymore and therefore the Game will initially make the Game in english and then translate the game to German as stretch goal. Would be suicide to do something like that with a DSA license. Also a cooperation with the license holders would be harder. As far as I know the Dev teams met quite a lot with the usual DSA Story-writers to check for consistency and whatnot. Don't think that would work that well if they are US based.
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