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November 11th, 2012, 03:48
Although I have supported over 10 projects (from games to a film, some webseries projects and even a podcast).

I am not actually in a good financial situation, so I have called my kickstarting/indiegogoing to a stop.

My reasoning is that if I even wait several months for most AAA release to drop in price significantly before I buy it, it is quite insane if your normally that conservative with money to buy things years in advance with no guaranteed delivery. I even never pre-order anything, maybe a week for release twice per year but never months in advance.

It's time some projects come to fruition (and with that I mean the end product in particular). Two webseries have been produced and completed, for one I had a physical tier so I have yet to receive that. The movie has just released it's trailer.

Ofcourse, no games have yet been produced (although the podcast funding included a short game), which is understandable since they take longest to produce.

Maybe, I should give myself a yearly kickstarter budget, since I actually do like the concept. But it can be very easy to lose sight and keep on funding things you might actually forget about after a year.

In all honestly I have only kickstarter one project by an unknown, but it was just the lowest tier. For the rest it were mostly projects by people who know their stuff and I was confident they could deliver. So I don't doubt I will get my mony's worth. It's just a matter of do you spend this money on something you are not getting now or do you spend it on something you can play right now.

So, my current answer is: Yes, I've supported a bunch!
But the answer for the next three months to a half year will be: Not anymore - because of my tight budget.
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