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November 11th, 2012, 05:18
So far I've backed 6 PC game projects, 3 tabletop gaming products and a fantasy art book. So yeah, I pretty much have gotten caught up in the phenomenon. I'm glad the Watch covers Kickstarter stuff.

I truly think it's revolutionizing the way niche publishing operates. I'm not so deluded to think that some projects won't fail but overall I see it as a very good funding platform. Most of the projects I've backed have provided steady updates and shown progress. One has shipped the finished product.

I've pledged to a mixture of unknowns and people with established track records. I realize the whole thing is a bit of a gamble but I think if we don't take chances on some of these projects the gaming world is doomed to stagnation. The big publishers certainly won't take chances.

I wish I had more money to throw at it - I basically just use my "gaming budget" and try not to go overboard. There are very few new games I'm compelled to buy anyway and I also have a huge backlog to play to keep me busy while waiting for KS projects.
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