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November 11th, 2012, 10:22
Well, not a game … as the only 'real' game I'm currently playing is Skyrim with addons, and I don't plan on finishing that one. - Anyway, I just finished the Golems of Amgarrak DLC for DA:O, now that the DLC finally showed up.

Sheesh! It was entirely doable, but I was grateful it's so short … especially after I stood in front of the final boss with my imported character (the Lvl 30-something 2handed warrior from Awakening) and discovered that I was, figuratively speaking, naked.
After getting my butt and those of my unfortunate teammates handed to me on a silver plate for the twelfth time, I decided to create a new character specifically for this. I needed a mage badly to get through the final battle, the party you collect has none (unless you count the, well,
), and none of my main characters were mages to begin with.

With enough healing and resurrection power it was over really fast - three attempts, and two of those misfired due to my elven mage in his nightgown getting stuck in well-populated corners.

Now I'm done with all the out-of-game DLC quests … back to DA:O proper.
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