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November 11th, 2012, 22:05
The biggest enemy of crowdfunding is the crowd .

Gamers' expectations and -worse- sense of entitlement are the single biggest threat to crowdfunding.
And I'm not talking about you guys or (the majority of) us here but more of the peripheral "casual" crowd who got sucked into the hype by the media or who just hopped on the bandwagon to be trendy.
Those are the people expecting AAA+ games from the crowdfunding projects and the ones who will be sorely disappointed if they find out that limited budgets and limited development times will "only" result in A- or B+ games, especially as far as the production qualities are concerned (i.e. limited graphical and aural fidelity etc.).

It is anyone's guess how much of an impact expectations not met are going to have on future projects but unless my assumed premise is entirely wrong it is almost guaranteed that there will be a fairly major impact [… that may very well be compensated by new people being attracted to crowdfunding because a game exceeds more people's expectations than the opposite but how likely is that?… well, as I said… anyone's guess… I guess ].

With all of that said, I have personally contributed to PE and I'm sort of contemplating Roberts' space game but I'm undecided due to the MMO-ish nature of the game. It's turning me both off and then on in a way. Dunno… just can't make up my mind whether it is worthy of support.
Also, I'm this moral kind of asshole who finds it hard to justify donating to the development of a game when I've donated fuck all to anything else.
So I've sworn to myself to donate at least 2x the amount I spend on crowdfunding this year to some kind of charity by year's end and so I'm naturally a bit hesitant to pledge to another project due to the exponential effect on my charity donation .
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