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November 11th, 2012, 23:35
Originally Posted by Myrkrel View Post
I don't mind the big chunky pixels but if I may offer some critique - I think the use of those pixels could use some refinement. For example some of the button icons on the right are barely readable - I think there is an hourglass and maybe a save disk icon there but I'm not sure. If these are just placeholder images then disregard my comment.
Yes, these menu icons are placeholders (portraits are placeholders too, the rest is either final or nearly final). Thanks for the feedback, it helps me to understand which parts of the game needs more love and attention from me

I was thinking about the graphics, and I decided to keep the overall style of big pixels (I will try to polish the actual graphics and colours, but no change to the pixels size). To be honest, I kind of like that graphics style (big, colourful), I guess not everyone shares my taste here, but I hope the rest of the game will be good enough to lure some of the peole who are not fans of this graphics style
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