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November 12th, 2012, 00:19
Originally Posted by Crilloan View Post
First contact war?
Id play it.

Probably impossible to completely placate the vocal minority?

As long as I never ever have to deal with enemies falling from the skies again as in DA2

No wouldn't play it hate prequels with a passion. As for the vocal minority that term need to be cast out. If you only look at the dollars signs and say well the few hundred thousand dissatisfied players don't mean a thing your doing something wrong.
Originally Posted by Saber-Scorpion View Post
I wouldn't blame Bioware for making the next ME game a straight-up 3rd person bro-op shooter with adversarial multiplayer. The RPG fans are never going to be happy with them again - as we are reminded in the comments to every Bioware related news post - so maybe Bio will give up on us sperglords entirely and move on to greener pastures (greener as in dollar$)
Isn't that what there already doing. It's also the reason for all the backslash and negativity. To new fans there games are the best ever to the older fanbase the reaction varies.

Also has anyone actually tried to talk to there mods or even have a friendly discussion with the developers always pointing out it's the gamers fault not the developers.
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