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November 12th, 2012, 11:37
I don't play it anymore - but thought it was quite fantastic as a TEMPORARY MMO. It's really more like a hybrid of a traditional MMO and an adventure game. The emphasis is on story and atmosphere.

However, it doesn't really have much to sustain it beyond the point of content exhaustion - which can be reached within a couple of months for most players.

They don't seem to have anything in place for the end-game experience, even at this point.

However, the content is so strong and it truly rivals the best singleplayer adventures in that way. It's most definitely worth a shot - unless you plan on making it a long-term home.

Sadly, it wasn't much of a hit - and they clearly failed to appeal to the mainstream. I expect it will "all but die" within 6-12 months.




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