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November 12th, 2012, 13:04
I don't think the lower production values will have a "major impact" at all. Most crowdfunding projects have screenshots and other things to make it plain what the end result will be like in those terms.

Also, the nature of the model is such that casuals aren't required to make it work. Dedicated fanbases will be enough for the vast majority of these games.

No, I think the primary challenge for crowdfunding is that too many of them will end up not being what was promised - and won't be delivered on time. I think some developers will find that not having strict deadlines and publishers breathing down their necks will tend to extend development time more than they might be prepared for.

It doesn't take too many of the really interesting projects to fail before people start getting sceptical and stop supporting in general.

That's my main worry - and the reason I'm holding off my support. However, if it turns out that "most" of these games actually get released within a reasonable timeframe AND they turn out to be actual quality games - not just a bunch of partially implemented ideas - THEN I'll probably start supporting quite a few of them.

While I absolutely adore the contept - I have to say I don't have enough faith in modern developers to go with blind support.




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