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November 12th, 2012, 22:00
Playing Dragon age 2, got it cheap. 2H male warrior. About 5 hours in?
Not going to bother with any DLC.

One caveat with voiced protagonist, its a chore if you dont like the voice though…
Dont mind being in a city or the different storytelling. a little change now and then refreshens, and i like being a mercenary hoping for a better life, nice for a change.

The fights are ridicolous though!
[email protected]@ing anime/hentai tv show with ugly weapons and enemies dropping from the skies!
IŽll give it some hours and see.

Reinstalled ME3 cause I got the urge to "mabye" play the DLCs.
Enjoyed my first playthrough very much but I will probably not replay it completely again.
Reminded me of the limitations the worthless and ancient hardware in consoles have on the experience we could have with PC gaming (animations limited because of memory space, one button madness, low FOV etc)

What I would give for a Sci-Fi space opera like ME1 again!
I want to drive around in a landing vehicle looking up at alien skies and finding ancient secrets!
(well, on my third playthrough I were rather tired with the mako..)

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