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November 13th, 2012, 03:31
few thoughts.
1) You got nice engine - it gives you new opportunities - just DO NOT make graphic fireworks the main goal.
2) Keep feedback from ppl that do not lick your *** -considering the direction of ME2 and ME3 (they were good games; except ME3 ending ofc; but the franchise started to be memorable because of story, its characters not by shooting: devs were ruining it by making it more action with talking than rpg - do not make this mistake!)
3) Ask yourself why there was so anger about the "artistic conclusion" of mr hudson and walters (or anybody responsible for it); ME1 was explaining almost everything by its plot, dialogues or codex, there was ofc a mistery; it was forcing players to discover more and more… but the logical issues of the conclusion could ruin all magic - ME1 had its glitches but built a truly superb universe=it was believable. Ppl could expand it in their dreams, thoughts, imagination - the problem with ME3 end was that their dreams were ruined -not by sad ending… by ending that didn't fit any dreams (not for all ofc).
4) MP is nice stuff… but Bioware is famous for delivering a Single Player experience. Liara, Tali, Garrus, Mordin, Legion etc - they were our friends, this is what we care about - instead of spending millions for TOR you could make so many plots, scenarios, experiences…
5) If you are capable of returning hope to Bioware - pls do it. I will buy the next bioware game after 6-7 months of its release after checking forums - I know that IGN, GameSpot or whatever will call it "epic, breathtaking, brilliant, etc". Make sure that also "entitled fans" will be happy.
6) Good luck
7) (optional) remake ME3
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