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November 13th, 2012, 09:00
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Being independent or not, He sold those rights to cd project red willingly. Fact number two: Cd Project didn't rape his work with the license. On the contrary they took great care that the games were coherent and in-line with Sapkowski's own work. Cd Project Red could have just acted like Disney, but they didn't.

Besides this wasn't the first time Sapkowski had sold witcher rights. These books had been already adapted into a movie and television series and even into a graphic novel series. So its not like he didn't know what he was doing when he signed the contract.

Secondly not cd-project, fans or even some evil publisher is asking him to alter his work to match with witcher games. He can still write independently what ever he wants and he can still change geralt's character as much as he wants. Like he said these are not sequels to books. So please stop victimising him.

I just don't understand why he has to be such a dick? Who do you think buys his books? Its not like these audiences are entirely different. Many fantasy readers also like fantasy rpgs. I get that he doesn't understand video games and he is not even willing to familiarize himself with the videogames. Yet he openly sneers at video games as medium of storytelling. Thats arrogant towards cd project red people and Witcher fans (same people who admire his work).
I failed to see where he contested the sales of rights.

He simply stated that he did not want to participate in the elaboration of the video game writing because books are still the medium of reference to tell a story (and I'd add video games are a poor medium to convey a scripted story) and he does not believe in the mixing of media. He is for sure grounded in reality on this point.

Consequently, his elaboration on the witcher's story can not be tied to the witcher's games as it would subordinate a superior medium (book) to an inferior medium (video games)

The guy has consistency and is not ready to compromize. His way of being. Nothing wrong in it.

Cant see him contesting the rights' sales. He took the required steps for not getting his work polluted by the video game extension.

He sees video games for what they are: an inferior conduit to storytell scripted narratives. Factual point. He did not want to mingle in the writings of video games due on that point (and he kept to his words) He preserved himself from being influenced by not learning of the content of the game. He acts accordingly.

I fail to see how selling rights of his story should prevent him from doing everything he is does.

He sold the rights, the studio is licensed to developp an alternative version of the witcher universe. And he let them act that way by interacting minimally with the studio. Save he signed somewhere that the developpment of the alternative version should be canon and that he, as an author, should include them in every next book to be written, the rights have no bearings.

Selling the rights or not wont change that video games are a weaker medium to tell a scripted story than a book is. And that writers interested in telling stories might prefer to use the stronger medium to achieve their goals.
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