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November 13th, 2012, 13:29
Originally Posted by Misha View Post
few thoughts.
2) Keep feedback from ppl that do not lick your *** -considering the direction of ME2 and ME3 (they were good games; except ME3 ending ofc; but the franchise started to be memorable because of story, its characters not by shooting: devs were ruining it by making it more action with talking than rpg - do not make this mistake!)
- ME1 had its glitches but built a truly superb universe=it was believable. Ppl could expand it in their dreams, thoughts, imagination - the problem with ME3 end was that their dreams were ruined -not by sad ending… by ending that didn't fit any dreams (not for all ofc).
4) MP is nice stuff… but Bioware is famous for delivering a Single Player experience. Liara, Tali, Garrus, Mordin, Legion etc - they were our friends, this is what we care about - instead of spending millions for TOR you could make so many plots, scenarios, experiences…
Good points all of them.
Took the liberty to underscore two sentences.

It seems the Omega DLC will be a bit of "testing the waters" for the new studio.
If they could build on the strengths from the different games and combine them it could be marvelous.

From ME1: I) character builds (you could actually make your own kind of vanguard, infiltrator etc and experiment with. II) Exploration! III) Tactical combats (yes, there were flaws in the mechanics of ME1, but it was not a straight corridor shooter
From ME2: I) Animations and overall smoothness
From ME3: I) weapons and modifications II) ?

And one final advice, as B-ware seems to lack the skill to do a decent PC port, consider hiring demiurge again for it. In ME3 the Console porting were blatantly obvious. (no, im not picking at people playing on consoles, but on developers being to lazy to use each format fully. I have a keybord in front of me, let me use it! )

Give me a space opera again, dammit!

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