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November 13th, 2012, 19:58
Originally Posted by The Hulk View Post
I think a big reason they are having funding troubles is due to poor timing, being late to kickstarter when a lot of rpg fans already have too much debt(and angry spouses) from donating to other games.
I think another significant reason is that most people initially interested are fans of QfGs, but this project doesnt seem quite like a spiritual successor to these, mainly due to visual presentation.
Originally Posted by The Hulk View Post
If I remember correctly, they said to make a 3D Hero-U game with high quality graphics would cost them at least several million dollars, and they didn't think that would have been a realistic goal for them to set on kickstarter.
I bet if they went a visual route la AGDIs Sierra remakes, by now theyd be already funded.
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