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November 14th, 2012, 04:43
The Coles want to do another QFG sequel, but they don't have the rights to make one. The fans want another QFG game, but some, perhaps many, don't realize the Coles need to be able to afford to buy back the rights first(if the rights holders are even interested in selling for a price the Coles could afford). So that is why they decided to make a game(Hero-U) set in the same world as QFG, but with different characters.
Another disturbing and unfortunate problem, is I've heard some people say when they first saw word of Hero-U, they assumed it was a Wii-U console game, and were immediately turned off and uninterested, and ignored all further news about it. One person who later found out that it was actually a PC game for Windows and Linux, said he'd wished he'd known sooner so he could throw in his support right from the start. Can't help wonder how many people thought the same thing, that is was a game for the Wii-U console, and therefore decided to ignore it completely.
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