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November 14th, 2012, 10:30
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
Well, I think were on the brink of posting in circles and this thread is kinda old heh, so just a few quick notes:
That's what happens when we try to make a subjective experience into an objective thing

We're just exchanging - and I agree it's near the point where it's no longer interesting.

Yep, it was too streamlined, but on the other hand classes, powers and guns felt more distinct.
Classes and powers? Not really. Guns? Yeah - they removed all mods and boiled them down to a tiny selection. Fair enough.

Interesting. Personally Id say that the main quest in ME1 was presented as a more pressing matter, its even called Race Against Time, eventually. The trip through Omega relay was presented as a suicide mission so it felt more justified to fuck around to me.
Eventually? Yeah - towards the end, it becomes a race against time. But it starts out very open and very much about discovery and exploration. That's what I like.

Thankfully. Remember, it sucked in ME1 .
The lack of variation, yes. Not the exploration - which was far beyond ME2. Well, to me.

There were two ways how to deal with it - either improve it dramatically or drop it. Dropping it may have not been the better solution of the two, but I generally consider exploration to be an aspect where being poor is worse than being none.
There are many ways to deal with it. There's change it or add something entirely new. Then there's improve it to whatever degree.

As I already prefer ME1 - I wouldn't need a dramatic improvement. Not at all. Anything but total removal.

When it comes to discovery, for me the only such moments in ME1 were when Ive arrived at "!", aka quest destination, and learned whats up. Rest was just driving to map icons with predictable content.
ME2 preserved those "!"s in the form of anomalies.
There were several things to discover on planets - though most were minor objects. But the layout was too similar. That said, the encounters at the "!" were quite different and had unique story content. If you really think ME2 planet scanning was a good match, well

Of course I could, but this was far from being an issue big enough to make ME2s combat less fun than ME1s for me. I could usually predict combat in ME1 too anyway.
Oh, I see. I couldn't really predict combat in ME1 - certainly not like ME2. You don't mind being able to predict when combat starts - and that goes a long way to explain how you might have enjoyed ME2 so much. I hate the predictable.

Maybe you did, I didnt. But then again, unlike ME1, ME2 actually doesnt patronize players about picking difficulties for their first playthroughs, so I have no experience playing it on anything below hardcore.
Ehm, patronize players? ME1 the computer game patronized you somehow?

I must have missed that. Then again, I've always played Veteran (3 playthroughs). Just seemed right.




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