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November 14th, 2012, 13:16
I don't understand the butthurt , i have not played D3 but i saw like 2 hours of gameplay videos , it is not that bad i mean what did people expected in an aRPG, you click at things and they die and then they drop useless crap you will never use? .
It is not that D2 was any better, most builds were meh (NO BOW AMAZON) , difficulty was over the top and most levels got just annoying , i mean just go and read the most popular builds , most points go to freaking vitality !!!!11
Personally i'd rather play Sacred U/W .
They paid $60 knowing the drill (always online and no PvP) yes they are playing for months, legendary video games that you will keep getting back for the next 10 years simply will never see the light of the day again, this thing is over.
So what more do they want?
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