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November 14th, 2012, 13:41
Finished Demon's Souls. A great game but i must say that I prefer Dark Souls. Might be because I played it first.
Anyway, the game wasn't that hard for me, I only struggled abit on the Maneater boss and the Old Hero boss but when I equipped the thieves ring he was a cakewalk. Killed Flamelurker on the second try and Allant on the first. Finished the game at soullevel 71 with like 30 vit, 30 endurance, 22 strength and 36 faith. With my +5 blessed halberd, ring of regeneration and the regenerationspell my hp went up real quick after getting damaged.

I liked the leveldesign alot but missed the contiguous open world feeling from Dark Souls. Favourite area would be the stonefang tunnels after the armored spider and before flamelurker. You just kept going deeper and deeper down into the earth. Oh and the whole Boletarian castle was pretty awesome too. Overall I wish I'd played Demon's Souls when it came out in 2009 because now it felt abit like a step backwards from Dark Souls.

Edit: Oh and I never understood the world tendency stuff, read about it too late in the game. I don't like that you can loose seeing content withouth having any idea what to do about it.
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