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November 14th, 2012, 15:18
We're potentially getting several groups running. Technically, we never ran our TRv2.0 group (Phuury for me) all the way to the end of the epic content, although I think most of y'all picked that up in small freelance groups. We're in the midst of the TRv3.0 run (Wouldii for me) with quite the long way to go there. Now we're kinda stumbling into a TRv4.0 group (Shadohe for me). Ye Auld Planne just keeps getting more moving parts to play with.

OK, to business. Did the Old Man get to level 13 yet? I believe he's the last straggler. Content-wise, we're ready to take 13. As long as Corwin's there, I'd like to see everyone take 13 prior to Friday's run. Saves us from doing all that wrangling over feats and enhancements and newly usable items on session time. We've got a buttload of content to deal with while we're 13- most of the Desert stuff, Necro3, and several House quests. To break up the Desert a little, let's plan on running the rest of the walkups in there tomorrow. In 2 weeks (since Thanksgiving may torpedo the session on the 23rd), we'll run the House quests.

OK, to business part 2. If we're going to put together the TRv4.0, we need to get everyone to a consistent starting point. Let's say we run on our own to get them to the beginning of level 4. That should be fairly easy to do without running a single adventure pack. Run the harbor quests and the marketplace quests and that should garner enough XP to get to level 4. 3rd lifers can hit Cerulean Hills if necessary, but I doubt that will be required. Sounds like we'll have first lifers and third lifers and everything in between, so it will be pretty much impossible to stay together. Should be fun.
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