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November 14th, 2012, 16:25
While I would love for this Kickstarter to go through, being a backer and all, I'm beginning to have serious doubts it will. Only a few days left and still about a third of the pledges short. I think they've gotten all there's to get from the existing backers, many have upped their pledges, but I think that has reached its limit (for quite some time now) and to get more money they would need to get new backers (and fast!).

To get new backers, there would need to be more activity on the update front from the devs. A lot more. This is the home stretch, there ought to be pics (preferably videos) and new info coming that would entice new backers to jump in, but sadly, the updates have been quite sparse lately, both in frequency and in content. Just saying we're working hard isn't going to convince those not already convinced. A new video with new content showing off that hard work would have been in order, IMHO.

Oh well, what do I know. Other than, a KS drive is hard work and the last days of it should have the devs on overdrive. A bit disappointed by the lack of content-rich updates.
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