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November 14th, 2012, 18:16
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Classes and powers? Not really.
There are less overlaps in ME2, and ME1 does not come with gameplay changing powers such as tactical cloak, tech armor or charge.
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Guns? Yeah - they removed all mods and boiled them down to a tiny selection.
There are 4 distinct guns (+ one rare geth rifle, iirc) in ME1 and pistols outperform all.
ME2 comes with 5 basic weapon types, the guns within each category have different properties and have different gameplay feel, plus thereīs a wild card of sorts in the form of heavy weapons.
The absence of mods is surely a minus overall, no argument here. There are 6 "mods" in the form of ammo powers though and some of these are more impactful than the mods in ME1, especially on higher difficulties.
For example, tungsten ammo in ME1 makes syntheticsī health bar go down faster and thatīs it. In ME2, disruptor ammo causes more damage to shields, has a chance to disable enemy weapons for a while, deals more damage to synthetics and has a chance to stun them for a while.
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Eventually? Yeah - towards the end, it becomes a race against time. But it starts out very open and very much about discovery and exploration.
Along with the command of the Normandy you obtain three main missions and your Shepard is already 100% convinced that the main antagonist is on the brink of bringing back dudes who wiped out a galactic civilization before, so itīs pretty much race against time right from there. The quest "Race Against Time" itself appears in your journal once you finish either Feros or Noveria, which can be pretty early, especially since Feros is presented as urgent (colony under attack).
ME2 has two missions which come at certain points and canīt be postponed (makes sense story-wise) and the galaxy opens up pretty much fully roughly 1/3 into the game (btw, the galaxy isnīt fully open in ME1 either - some systems only become available once a main mission is completed), so I donīt see much difference in the basic gameplay structure. Except in ME2 the meatier content is spread out between more episodes (whereas ME1 comes with few large chunks of linear content), resulting in overall a more "customizable" experience in my book.
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
That said, the encounters at the "!" were quite different and had unique story content. If you really think ME2 planet scanning was a good match, well…
Not planet scanning, the "!" encounters you could discover by it. Iīm starting to think you somehow missed the existence of this type of side content. These scenarios were mostly short and simple, but were fairly varied in flavour, level/art design and (back)story.
Iīm talking about quests like this. Compared to ME1, these quests came short in terms of dialogues, but didnīt generally feel as repetitive otherwise, to me.
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Ehm, patronize players?
There are 5 difficulty levels in ME1, but only 3 are open for a first playthrough.
I say "I want more challenge!", ME1 says "finish me twice first."
Unlike in ME2, higher difficulties in ME1 suck, but thatīs besides the point.
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