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November 14th, 2012, 20:15
So in the end, who really cares if a game gets an expansion or a few smaller DLC? More content is more content. I'm fine with $20 DLCs like Skyrim has but I'm fine with a Shivering Isles expansion for $30 too. It just doesn't matter to me. As long as my favorite games are getting more content, I'm a happy guy .
Yeah, because 20$ Skyrim DLC represents the norm, right? It's nok like 90% of all DLC is about superfluous crap sold for 1-10$, right?

The only thing "wrong" with that is that we're no longer getting expansions. There's no reason to invest in meaty additional content when you can release weapon or costume packs that sell for 5$.

Naturally, if you don't care about meaty or meaningful additional content that integrates well into the main game - then it's not a problem.

I do care, however.

If 20$ Skyrim DLC was the norm, we wouldn't need to have this conversation - but it's not the norm and it won't be. The norm is the easy way to profit. It's human nature combined with capitalism.

You're supporting it - so congratulations.




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