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November 14th, 2012, 21:59
That space perhaps isn't of constant "density", that it's maybe "stretchable" is nothing new. Not to any sci fi books reader at least…
What's new is that NASA is researching the possibility. And if it happens to be not just an idea but a real thing that could be called "warp technology", that'd be awsome.
Thanks for sharing that!

In the meantime, another Star Trek technology is in development - the universal translator. And I'm not talking about google "translate now" cheap dictionary to dictionary conversion idiocy. It's Microsoft that is working on it and for whatever reason they didn't make a bombastic story about that like Apple would do. Here's the link and the hidden gem in it starts at 6:30, realtime speech conversion from english to chinese:
I'm really not sure why this thing didn't happen to be a breaking news all over the internet.
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