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November 14th, 2012, 21:14
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
Class distinction. Vanguard in ME2 felt a lot different to other classes than vanguard in ME1. Same with sentinel and infiltrator, and it was due to those three powers.
Yes, much like with the guns - they boiled down the character development system into a small subset of powers. That means the classes had more distinct feels right from the beginning - but as your characters in ME1 reached the higher levels - they really did feel very different. At least the ones I tried. Adept, Infiltrator and Soldier - and they ALL felt very different.

I know. The point was that in ME1 all weapons within a type feel the same and Iīve never found minute differences in accuracy and overheating to mean squat.
Most of those hundreds of weapons were pointless and only served as inventory clutter, in my experience.
You mean to say that your first weapons felt no different from your final weapons with mods? Well, we must have played different games then

More times, the better.
I kinda figured your position was such that it could use a hand

I prefer when games leave this kind of stuff on me. Of course I wasnīt really "insulted", it was just annoying not being able to raise the challenge when there was none.
Really? I found Veteran to be quite challenging on the handful of "main fights". Maybe I'm not as good as I thought.

My point was that Iīve only played ME2 on hardcore and insanity, which may be the reason why I havenīt found the minute-to-minute combat as predictable and it did not feel like I "did the same thing over and over".
I played it hardcore both times - and I found it to be utterly predictable and a matter of taking cover and using 1-2 powers with my sniper rifle over and over and over again. The actual combat is tighter than ME - but the setup is so very predictable - and pretty much identical for all the fights. At least in ME1 - you have to look for cover in some fights. Not that ME combat is good in any way whatsoever.

It should be noted that I don't like shooters very much, and I much prefer a more tactical approach to combat. With Bioware, it has been steadily downhill since BG2. KotOR was dumbed down, ME was dumbed down even more - and ME2 takes the cake. At least Dragon Age was a step towards the good old days.




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