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November 15th, 2012, 09:57
Originally Posted by kalniel View Post
Your commend about casual gaming leading the way these days and implying it therefore affected other games. I'm saying that's not the case today any more than it was in the past - we've always had casual games and non-casual games side by side with different purposes. Chris Taylor talks about energy giving vs energy sapping games.
You don't think the casual/mainstream gamers have affected the market and reduced the ratio of "enthusiast" games coming out in the AAA segment?

I see.

I don't think it's obvious at all.
I didn't say it was obvious to everyone in the world. I think Scientology is an obvious hoax - but it doesn't mean Tom Cruise would agree with me.

Well it kind of is, because if you're a casual gamer you want casual cheap games, not AAA blockbusters that involve effort. The reality is most people are both casual and enthusiast gamers, depending on their mood, time of day, workload etc. The last game I finished was Botanicula and I loved it. I'm currently playing Ultima VII. And the game I'm most looking forward to playing is Project Eternity.
No, the reality is that most gamers are casual/mainstream gamers. That's why publishers have steadily been making games less and less challenging. Anyone willing to know the truth can simply take a look at the games themselves. If you think the big-budget games are as hard today as they were 15 years ago, then it's another example of Tom Cruise.

You're thinking of yourself as the typical example, but that's a very big mistake. Most people aren't both enthusiasts and casuals when it comes to their interests. Most people are one or the other - primarily.




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