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November 15th, 2012, 10:10
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
Ok, Iīll take your word for it.
Personally, I see not much reason playing adept when I can play vanguard, I see not much reason playing soldier or engineer when I can play infiltrator and I see not much reason playing sentinel when I can play vanguard or infiltrator.
That's fair enough. I saw a reason to play the classes I chose - and in ME2, I only played Infiltrator - so I can't speak to the others. But they didn't appeal to me.

No, I mean to say that those "hundreds of weapons" were completely redundant.
If theyīd just let you upgrade each weapon type from I to X, it would be functionally almost the same, but without pointless clutter. Thatīs kinda how it works in ME2, except in ME2 each weapon type includes few distinct weapons, so thereīs more variety.
Mods in ME1 do add variety as well, which is why I think removing them in ME2 was not a good decision (even though ammo powers made up for them to some extent).
How many times are we going to go in circles with this? Yes, ME1 had a lot of clutter and redundancy - and ME2 boiled it all down to a few weapons. I don't see it as an improvement as much as streamlining and simplifying. An improvement would mean a similar amount of weapons with actual differences - or it would be a balance of ME and ME2 - kinda like ME3.

This discussion got me interested in how RPGWatch looked at ME2 at the time of release so Iīve checked the impressions thread and your post in there seems to disagree .
Apparently you also found infiltrator in ME1 nearly useless!
Ok, I honestly forgot the difficulty level names in ME2. I thought Hardcore was "Veteran" - but I guess they added an additional level. Strange, as I usually pick the hardest that isn't called something like Nightmare or Insane. My mistake.

As for the Infiltrator - yeah, the class is not very powerful in ME1. It's pretty weak - but it's still very distinctive. You use the Sniper rifle and you focus on your assassination power and you supply with Pistol and that power which makes you shoot very fast. But especially the early levels are tough - because of the poor aim and what not.

Adept is super powerful, however.

I pretty much have the same sentiments .
Except I donīt mind ME2 "taking the cake", because throwing the pretense of being a complex RPG out of the window made it overall a better popcorn entertainment package than ME1 for me.
That might explain it. I don't like popcorn entertainment very much, and I found ME2 to be precisely that. Again, it had lost the mystery and wonder I felt in Mass Effect. The music was actually a big part of that in ME. ME2 also had more pop characters with "in-your-face" attitudes. Something Bioware has gotten worse at over the years. I really hate that kind of "for-effect" writing with almost exclusively extreme characters.

Which sorta returns me to the beginning of this discussion and seems like a good way to venture out of it, if you donīt mind.
Thanks for the exchange .
Sure thing




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