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November 15th, 2012, 10:14
I don't remember this. I've had an AMD/ATI card for ages now, too. Don't have a saved game handy or I'd check it myself! I searched for the problem online and this seems unique to you. If it was a generic problem with AMD cards, there'd lkiely be more people with the issue talking about it!Q

I am curious, though. What if this is a problem that cropped up in recent driver builds? Post a saved game near that guy somewhere so I can see!

I really do think the problem in DS2 is likely due to not uninstalling the Nvidia drivers before installing the AMD ones. The last time I switched from an Nvidia to an AMD, I remember not doing that and experiencing a world of misfortune.

Are you talking about Battlefront 2? That does look like a common problem on AMD cards. Some folks say it is related to the AA settings. Others say it is the draw distance. You might be able to get it to work by turning off AA or setting DD to default. Pandemic shut down in 2009 and none of their games are known for being altogether stable and polished. The Saboteur barely runs. Frankly, I'm surprised anyone can run Battlefront 2. Heh, I just looked at it on Steam and saw a friend of mine posted a review "Don't buy this, crashes due to sound problems." This is not a stable game.

AMD and Nvidia break old games as a matter of course. You just happened to stumble upon one you liked. It sucks, but it happens. My reasoning for switching to AMD back 5 years ago was partly because I wanted to play Wizardry 8 again and Nvidia cards, at the time, pretty much failed at running the game. Welcome to PC gaming.
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