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November 15th, 2012, 10:27
PoR represents the classic RPG experience for me. Though I played Bard's Tale and a few other RPGs before that, there's no doubt that PoR was the definitive one.

It created the foundation for my favorite kind of RPG - which is a good combination of free-roaming non-linearity, as well as a strong overarching story with a lot of interesting and unique locations. Also, it has just the kind of settings I love in my fantasy RPGs - like Sokol Keep, Temple of Bane, the Thieves Guild and that Library place I can't remember exactly.

The Journal Entry system was a great concept - and it made the game feel even more like a PnP game than had been seen before. The Journal had these nice drawings of dungeons and the usual stuff you find in PnP material.

Oh, how I love PoR




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