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November 15th, 2012, 15:00
I had my first total party kill in Champions of Krynn. Well, actually I had two guys still standing, but the battle was utterly lost at that point so I quit and started over. Three times. These weren't all TPKs, mind you, but having even one guy dead was enough for a restart (I can't resurrect at this level and I don't think it is possible at the temple either). I really am rusty in my AD&D skills it seems. Come the fourth try, I managed to finally win the fight and the feeling of great accomplishment was great. I know I ain't seen nothing yet as far as fight difficulty goes, so this was a good reminder to get my act together, pronto.

If any are interested, this fight was the "Cleansing of the Evil Temple" in Throtl. The boss fight of that level, so to speak. Not too hard for AD&D veterans, I guess, but to me a group of (if memory serves) 3 evil clerics, 2 black mages, and a "shield wall" of Draconians was challenge enough. Unless my mages got the initiative, I was pretty much hosed. My fighters can't get to the casters on the first turn and if even one of them gets to cast Hold Person (or gods forbid Charm) on my front line, and they fail their saves, I am royally screwed. Fun times! Really, I mean it, it was loads of fun. I might have shaken my fist at my monitor and used quite harsh language at my pixel heroes, but in the end, I was having a ball.

I seriously recommend all of you, if you can, to get these old classics from the end of the lowest drawer, where they've been gathering dust for decades now, dust them off and give them a try. It's a blast.

Originally Posted by azraelck View Post
I've tried, but I've yet to get a working save folder up on either.
Don't know if this helps you, but to get saves working, I had to open the config file and manually change the file path (it was pointing to the wrong folder). If you're using DOSBox, like I am, remember to omit all the "extra stuff" from the file path and include only the "virtual" file path. E.g. I have all my old DOS games in E:\Old Games and the Champions of Krynn in E:\Old Games\cok. I have DOSBox configured to automatically mount E:\Old Games as C. So, the save file path in the config file for me is C:\cok. (IIRC)
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