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November 15th, 2012, 15:21
Originally Posted by Lurking Grue View Post
It is interesting how much the game conveys with so little narrative text (due to memory constraints back then). I'm convinced that this is partly because the terse text is in fact a spark for your imagination and you (sort of) fill in the rest.
I have never played any of the GoldBox games (they are on the list though), but this is something I observed a long time ago when replaying the early Ultimas. I had assigned whole personalities to NPC's that have barely a few lines of text for instance. I think in many ways, the advancements in technology have really made it hard on developers to convey the same type of depth that was possible in the past through small bits of text and user imagination.

Each user had their own unique experience when playing these games. We would basically tailor it to our personalities and interests. New games have to either try to do that (and mostly fail as it is basically impossible to give enough options to satisfy everyone) or try to do a blank slate, and people complain that its not deep enough.

A good example in my opinion is Baldur's Gate. People often refer to your party members as meat puppets because there is basically no party banter or npc specific quests (not of any depth at least). I, on the other hand, fell back into old ways and really had built up personalities for each of the NPC's I gathered. I find it hard to choose different NPC's when replaying because even though its 99% a creation of my own making, I'll 'miss' those NPC's if I don't pick them up.

Its quite the conundrum for modern day game makers.

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