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November 16th, 2012, 03:30
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
I gave it another view as well. The character art style and lack of movement animation is a turn off for me. I'm a huge Vogel fan but I cannot stomach his first or second Avernum series because of the lack of non-combat movement animations, just like Antharion. I cant enjoy the exploration aspect without it. It just seems very lazy to me and kills immersion. While I don't like Antharion's South Park inspired giant headed art style I can get over it. However, i do worry the art style will actually impede tactics do to the amount of real estate taken up by each avatar.
I thought that about Avernum 1 at first as well. I bought all Jeff's games (Avernums, Geneforges, Nethergate) when he had a "sale" for like $125, only to see them appear on digital download sites like 6 months later for 90% less (oh well). I had purchased and finished the first Geneforge before, so I thought I knew what to expect. When I saw the Avernum avatars moving in a static way across the background, I thought I had made a big mistake… but I ended up really liking it in the end. The art style is what draws me to this game, actually…
Still, I can especially understand not wanting to pre-order something you aren't sure about. It does seem like he will finish it regardless. Ironically, perhaps showing too much detail in a kickstarter means folks won't fund you, as the sense is you will finish anyway…

Aren't these graphics better than KotC, and that was well loved, right?
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