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November 16th, 2012, 04:12
Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
If you mean the depth of characters you meet, I agree completely. If you're saying that the skill system needs work, I mostly disagree. I think the skill system needs a little tweaking, but overall it works well. I do plan on playing on a harder difficulty level next time though. It was a tad easy on normal, even for this non-lover of combat. I'm trying to stop myself from replaying Skyrim until I can get my hands on Dragonborn. I may not make it though. FNV is starting to bore me after another 150 hours or so. I'm trying to play the dlc that happens in the grand canyon, but it's very dull so far. I could care less what happens to these two tribes I've met.
DLC in the grand canyon actually sounds cool. I never bothered with DLC for F:NV because I beat the game in about 50 hours and felt that I saw everything there was to see in the game in that 50 hours. It just didn't seem to have nearly the amount of content that a game like Skyrim has. Could just be my experience and it probably varies between people but I really felt like I explored most of the points of interest in the entire game in a mere 50 hours. And once I beat it I didn't really feel like going back and exploring at all.
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