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November 16th, 2012, 09:58
Originally Posted by Fnord
Sadly it is unlikely that GOG (or steam) will sell the Goldbox games, as Ubisoft has the rights to the old SSI stuff, but Hasbro currently has the rights to all D&D games.
Yes, this is what I remember reading as well. Very unfortunate and sad. There might still be old game collection discs (named DOS classics or something like that) still available from Amazon (etc.). That's where I got my copies, but it was years ago.

Originally Posted by Thrasher
For what it's worth, below is my DOsBox config file for DosBox 0.73 on XP.
I rarely make direct shortcuts to DOS games and instead boot up basic DOSBox and operate from there (with few DOS commands, like cd and dir). It's a bit slower, but allows me to keep my already cluttered screen free of extra icons. Thus, I have added to the end of the DOSBox config file, under [autoexec], the following lines.
mount c c:\foldername
This will automatically put me in the correct folder with the virtual drive C mounted under DOSBox when I start it. NB: Replace "foldername" in the code with the actual folder name, like "oldgames" or whatever.
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