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November 16th, 2012, 12:05
Ahh, it's great to read a long rambling thread on these old favourites.

I'm also a huge fan and have completed them all - some several times. (PoR and Curse of the Azure Bonds…)

One of my mates is currently playing his way through all of the GoldBox games.
He's playing them in order for the purposes of party transfers and has only just recently finished Secret of the Silver Blades, a game that he once got bogged down in during the long linear snow tunnels segment.

I'm very much looking forward to his tantrums and wildly amusing antics when it comes to party building and survival within Pools of Darkness.

I also started a C64 game of Champions of Krynn a couple of summers ago. My idea was to finish it on Veteran with a party of standard characters (with no stat modifications). I'd played it back in the 90s but had my E side disk go bung and had to opt out for the PC version. But when I stumbled upon another copy of it at a Op shop sale (as you do…) I decided to have another crack at it. I made it as far as Neraka or Jelek I think, before getting distracted and running out of holiday time.
Well there you have it, now this thread has made me think about it getting it out again.
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