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November 16th, 2012, 15:57
Originally Posted by Pessimeister View Post
I'll have to politely disagree with you on that one. I found Pools of Darkness much harder overall than Death Knights or Dark Queen or Krynn, particularly the last quarter of it and of course the ever so crazy and unique Dave's Challenge.

But it's also Curse of the Azure Bonds that has for me, the most memorable (and to some degree, challenging fights… if you don't have the Dust of Disappearance) namely the Beholder Corps, Dracandros' flock of Black Dragons, Dexam (that pesky bastard killed so many of my characters) with honourable mentions to both Moander and big Ty himself.
I guess I'm biased in that regard though, as Curse is probably my favourite of the series.
I meant the rules are more hardcore.

But I agree with you about PoD and CoAB. The last battles in PoD are the most difficult of all the battles in the Gold Box games. Also the Dragon's Eyrie and the Heart of Moander were very difficult, as well as the whole Hap area in Curse of the Azure Bonds.
Dark Queen of Krynn is more consistent very hard, but never reaching the extremes of PoD and CoAB.
The Beholder Corps I actually defeated without using the Dust of Disappearance, since I had no idea it was that powerful. A friend of mine, to whom I was kind of a mentor, bragged about beating them (not mentioning the Dust) and I swore that if he could do it so could I. So with some shameless pre-buffing and even more shameless exploiting of the ultra weak AI and pathfinding, it was possible to defeat the Beholders and Drow Lords by luring them out of the room a few at a time and use my Hasted and Enlarged Fighter/Thief to backstab them. The Beholders were one square enemies in that game, and thus thankful backstabbing subjects.

I think you'll also find that even in the Forgotten Realms stuff, elves can't be raised from the dead, so it's not something that only the Krynn games have - more so something integral to the version of AD&D.
In the FR elves can't be Raised, but they can be Ressurrected. In Krynn neither works.
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