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November 17th, 2012, 01:25
Originally Posted by Pessimeister View Post
It's called Honest Hearts, and honestly - that comment is pretty poor form. This particular DLC offers more roleplaying choices and has a much more interesting story than any of the DLC made by Bethesda (maybe save for The Pit) as far as I'm concerned. Maybe take a break from the game rather than spoil it if you're getting bored? Because otherwise you're missing out.

Conversely, I haven't really been incentivised to purchase any of these Skyrim DLC yet. Just not enough quality content or roleplaying meatiness for me to really warrant it yet. Sorry to say this one doesn't do much for me either.
I have to agree with Pessimeister here. Obsidian's DLC just feels better than anything Bethesda has done with there last three games. This is the third dlc for skyrim and none of them interest me.

I wanted to see the Thalmor fleshed out or maybe even my character becoming king, or emperor due to being Dragon-born, and having the blades serve me.
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