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November 17th, 2012, 11:39
Originally Posted by buckaroobonzai View Post
One of the reasons they went with a Kickstarter now rather then later I believe, is that Kickstarter is very slow during January through March right after the holidays. My boardgame publisher Gamesalute who has published about 60 plus boardgames through Kickstarter tracks the campaigns and has talked to me quite a bit about campaign timing importance. So Thorvalla would have to go on Kickstarter now, or wait till early April.
I'm not too sure past KS models really apply since game crowdfunding is very much carried by gaming press, who have tons of readership. I expect boardgame crowdfunding depends a lot more on existing kickstarter viewership (with some help from specialized press but they don't weigh nearly as much as game press).

It's actually almost a given that Notch will push Thorvalla. A Swedish setting, carried by early 90s game dev stars… I can't imagine how he could resist Still, timing will be important to determine just how much impact his probable endorsement will have. It came much too early for Shaker, with little actual material to justify excitement, making that endorsement feel a bit artificial (to me, anyway). Thorvalla will probably do well no matter what, but whether it is successful will depend on the goal that is set so everything needs to be optimized for the biggest, best budget possible.

Originally Posted by jwmeep View Post
I will say I hope the pitch is less like the Shaker pitch, or the initial Project Eternity pitch, and more like the Hero U pitch.

Give us details right out of the gate. Especially since your team's status is more cult hit, than true celebrity.
Vagueness paid at first. Shaker may have suffered from a shift in the way people considered these projects but I'm not sure. Failure may have been the result of some lack of authenticity… And Cleve Also I'm thinking Shaker (AKA Old School Project) and HeroU suffered from their names, quite simply.

So I'm kind of leaning towards "vagueness pays" even today.
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