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November 17th, 2012, 20:57
I created an outline for my new Orc character to take through the Dawnguard. Not well written but it would have been a novel if I had taken the time to really fill it out

Varg the Adventurer


In a year of playing Skyrim I have made about 6 characters that got to level 20 or so. Only one "finished" the game and that was my Nord Barbarian, Ulfr Bjorn (Wolf Bear) last Spring. He was level 45 when he retired at a nice windmill he converted to a home, along with his partner. Since then two expansions have come out (Dawnguard and Hearthfire) and a third is due late December/early January (for PC) called Dragonborn. So it is time to make a new primary character. I attempted a Nord Rogue who was a werewolf and thief. It was very fun but to dark. By the time I made level 21 I was feeling guilty over all the deception I had to do as a thief. Not to mention eating all the things and people I killed as a werewolf … So he was discarded. I made another guy where he was a werewolf but not a thief. Still to dark.

I have to face facts. I like GOOD GUYS. I want to be the Hero Archetype. I want to bash evil in its head and help the innocent. Course I also like some darkness … in a rough world like Tamriel the milk drinkers just end up used and abused. After a post by another forumite I decided to give Orcs a try. I made a preliminary one and really liked it. I read up on all the lore for Orcs (who are actually called Orsimer as they come from the Mer races) and found it very interesting.

Orc Link1: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Orc

Orc Link2: http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Orsimer_%28Skyrim%29

However once I decided this would be my new main character I had to dig into history and refine who he was going to be. I reviewed some of the existing Orcs, just to get a feel or how to design them in the editor.

Moth gro-Bagol from Markarth

and from a load screen:

So I spent … hmmm .. maybe 3 hours fiddling and trying things out and came up with Varg the Adventurer. I spend way to much time with character generators in games!

I also discovered, in my research, that I could scale his size (console command player.setscale 1.0 for "normal" and bigger values to increase size. Setting it at 1.08 made him about 7 ' 5" tall which fit my image it this hulking Orc perfectly). So right after the part of the game where you create your character I went and set his size to be a bit bigger. To big would be stupid … not to mention he would not fit in dungeons or through doors

Now his size does mean he runs a bit faster, jumps a bit higher, and does a bit more damage. But I consider this balanced by all the limitations I place on him:

- Refuses to use enchanting. The husks of trapped souls ends up in the Soul Cairn. Overall seems very evil to me, especially if the souls are sentient.
- Related to above won't use most magic items as he won't recharge anything. Also Varg does not like to rely on magic items, preferring good steel and leather. The only items he uses are Aedra/Daedra items that don't require charges. Amulet of Arkay for example.
- Refuses to use conjuration except for the Familiar spell (part of his story). To much like slavery and binding another wills.
- Will not steal. He follows the unwritten code of honor of the Orcs and Malacath, even for non-orcs. While he will do some plundering he refuses to rob from the buried dead (although no issues looting those he kills).
- Tries to do the right thing whenever he can … although life sometimes means making hard choices.

With all that now explained here is his basic biography. I avoid filling in all the gaps as it gets long easy.

Varg's Biography

Varg was found as a baby, left at the Altar of Mara at the Temple in Riften. No one ever discovered how or why he ended up there. Watching over him was a ghostly familiar of a wolf-hound that would vanish whenever someone got close. If Varg ever knew anything about his birth or past he has never revealed it. An elderly priestess took him in and raised him until he was ten. He was a very bright kid (contrary to the stereotype that the Orsimer are thick headed) and picked up the basic ability to heal and ward himself. Shortly after his tenth birthday the town was attacked by a band of Vampires and the priestess was killed defending the temple.

With no place to go Varg was sent to the Honorhall Orphanage. Even back then Grelda was a bitch and she developed a strong dislike towards Varg, calling him her disgusting "pig child". She use to chain him to his bed at night. Luckily Varg had made some friends with some of the kids who worked for the Thieves Guild beneath the city. In exchange for doing some odd jobs (like being a look out or distraction) he was welcomed into the Rataway and Ragged Flagon. He learned how to pick locks (useful to escape the chain to his bed), fight with daggers, and sneak. However it was not the life for him and life at the orphanage became worse. When he was around 14 he fled the Orphanage, deciding he would head to Cyrodiil to become a Legionnaire.

While on the road he met a band of wandering Khajiit merchants. In exchange for doing numerous chores they let him travel with them, finding a bit of kinship with the lost and outcast Orc … especially since the Khajiit were often mistrusted and outcast in many lands as well. Varg ended up staying with them for many years, traveling all over Tamriel. He learned how to fight with swords and bow, improved his sneaking skills, and learned to be a smooth talker by watching the merchants trade. His time traveling the world made him appreciate the peace, and open minded attitude towards other races, that the Empire brought to Tamriel. It was during this time he learned to value the Empire, for all its corruption, and all the races of the world.

In his 18th year the group was exploring some ruins and were attached by Vampires and some undead. Only half the group managed to escape with their lives. The rest agreed they had had enough and decided to return to Elsweyr. However one asked Varg if he would like to become partners in setting up an Inn in Cyrodiil. Varg agreed.

A few years passed and Varg and his Khajiit friend started a successful Inn. For an Orc he became very well liked as he was honorable and often helped the locals fight off Bandits, undead, and other monsters. He also used his meager healing and alchemy skills to help the sick. But it was his reputation that drew the attention of a clan of Vampires trying to take over the town he was in. Seeing him as the biggest threat they attacked and destroyed his Inn. However this time Varg did not try to escape and though it left a bad scar on his face he killed the entire clan.

His partner was willing to rebuild but he had enough. No more would the Undead wreck his life or the innocent. He had heard rumors of an order of vampire hunters, the Dawnguard, back in his "homeland" of Skyrim. So he left his partner to rebuild the Inn and set off to Skyrim. His skills were rusty, however, so his plan was to seek out the Companions of Whiterun and hone is battle skills. There was also a Priestess there he hoped to learn more of the Restoration line of magic from.

But his plans almost ended before they began. While crossing the border to Skyrim he met up with a band of rebels who called themselves Stormcloaks. They had come up on him while he was making camp one night. Before he even had time to learn if they had a hostile intent the entire group was ambushed by an even larger group of Imperials. Before anyone could react a mass paralysis spell was cast and the few who resisted its magic were quickly surrounded by archers and forced to surrender. Varg struggled to resist but was clubbed unconscious.

He regained consciousness on a wagon … to discover he was being led to his execution as a rebel! Bound and trapped they refused to listen to him - accusing him of being in with the rebels. He was sure this was the end but his life was given a second chance by the attack of a dragon! In the chaos he escaped, at first with the help of a Stormcloak who felt some guilt towards his false capture and then by an Imperial. While Varg was not happy with either side at the time he still felt the Empire was worth saving and so he went with the Imperial.

They managed to escape and Varg was able to find shelter in Riverwood with the mans family. Realizing his plans for the Dawnguard would have to wait until he was a better fighter and more prepared he decided he would earn his living helping out the locals and becoming more acquainted with the land of Skyrim. He would continue on to Whiterun and from there see where life lead him.
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