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November 18th, 2012, 00:09
Originally Posted by darkling View Post
This project bothers me so much.

It's an MMO. Stop lying and saying it's not. It's insulting to people who can see through the bullshit and it should have resulted in failure, not mega-success
Have you read Chris Roberts' lengthy post on the subject? An MMO this is not… at least not quite…

I for one backed this project and am very much looking forward to the final game. Just like with PE I'm a bit anxious about the extremely (overly?) ambitious design proposition. Have Obsidian and CIG found a way to make a day last longer than 24 hours? Have they found a way to suppress human needs like sleep? Not sure but there must be some kind of magic at work here…

As for SC, I really don't quite see how they are going to do a rich universe with 60+ systems and a plethora of flyable spacecraft in only two years time. Must be that except for Squadron 42 (the campaign that can be played entirely in single player) the content will probably be of a highly repetitive and repeatable nature (quest/mission automats etc.).

Oh well… time will tell and one can always hope for that magic, right?
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