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November 18th, 2012, 01:02
So at least he admits it's an MMO finally.

I predict this is gonna bore the shit out of everyone except the EVE fans who are tired of EVE.

I don't want to play PvE content in order to eventually reach a plateau where I feel "safe" playing PvP content. That's *EXACTLY* an MMO grind. That's exactly what I don't want. Other players are all griefers. All of them. You put a normal person behind a keyboard in an MP game, they'll call you slurs they'd be beaten senseless for saying IRL to ANYONE and then they'll proceed to try to ruin your game. If this was a FPS or some other battleground game, that's fine I GUESS. But in a persistent world that is bullshit and why MMO's are the least fun things ever.

Considering he's focusing so hard on PVP, there's no reason to delude yourself into thinking that this "Offline" play is going to be anything but an MMO without other players. Empty. Lifeless. Boring.

This is going to be the biggest crowdfunding failure ever. I feel bad for everyone involved.
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