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November 18th, 2012, 02:21
A game of Dwarves rocks. It mixes the underground sandbox fun of Dungeon Keeper with the mining exploration and survival of Minecraft, it's fun as hell.

Started another mission, basically you have a Dwarven kingdom, and you have to mine away to create it - but it's also an entire ecosystem simulation that will collapse if not managed properly. For instance, I had dwarves down mining away in the depths, who found a lot of gold and other precious jewels/metals. Well, why not have 3 more dwarves down there? And 3 more warriors just in case they stumble upon enemies?

So i upgraded my summoning portal, and brought in 6 more dwarves. Within 5 minutes, my community was about to collectively fall over dead from starvation since my new members threw off the delicate balance between production and consumption. Even my king was starving, and if he dies -game over. Then we mined straight into a lair of giant spiders….

It wasnt pretty. But in the end that's where the fun lies - bringing your kingdom back from the brink of destruction, now w/ some badass warriors and a little more wisdom on what NOT to do.

The pics below are my miners toiling away on some much needed gold and tourmaline they found in the depths. Some of the behaviors of the Dwarves crack me up, you can see one of the workers in the first shot stopping to drink some ale! Then, the progress on my throne room. One shot is my king just chillin out on his throne earlier in construction, then later on with one of my crafter dwarves working on a suit of armor decoration behind the throne as my king was getting off his fat ass for a stroll. Probably to go eat something!
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