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November 18th, 2012, 03:17
Actually, the FR games, at least in Treasures of the Savage Frontier, disintegration was permanent there as well. There's a Beholder fight in there I recall having to reload about a dozen times because, while I could win, I usually lost most of my party before it was over with, and no rez. Elves also could not be raised in those games as well, IIRC. At least in Secret of the Silver Blades and Treasures of the Savage Frontier.

*EDIT* Forgot about ressurection, and didn't even think about whether it could be used on elves or not.

The level limits on non-humans were, to me, the most idiotic thing about AD&D, and the thing I hated most about it. I always ignored it myself in PnP settings, but computer games are another thing entirely.

I never could get into Pools of Darkness. Too high-level I guess. Or maybe it was because my old SotSB party was long gone by the time I got it, so I was stuck making new characters. And, because of the level limits, only humans were viable… ugh.

I did like the differences in the Krynn games as well, still my favorites of the bunch.

I'll try that work around, though knowing these games, I may end up losing a day or two. 4 day weekend coming soon, so we'll see.

I use DFend, which lets me set up a list, each with their own config setups, rather than having hordes of shortcuts in the games folders. In Linux and Android though, I do everything manually, which is a pain. I have ADosBox on my phone, which lets me play some DOS games on the go. Mine has a full qwerty keypad, so it's not too bad, but it does not like most 'newer' games. Never have gotten Might and Magic III to work, for example. Special keys like the F keys and CTRL are also not supported, so anything that uses them is out.
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