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November 18th, 2012, 16:45
Originally Posted by Menigal View Post
I've had an idea for a puny orc scholar kicking around for a while. Could be interesting playing against stereotype, but I bet it would be tough starting out not relying on normal orc skills.
Well I am playing on the average difficulty (Adept) and it is a little more challenging. Not being able to use any magic weapon and very limited in my magic armor makes it harder. However with sneak and restoration I can sometimes avoid combat, shield/heal, and get the jump on them. It is much slower paces as I have to go carefully. But also rather fun.

Here are what they start with:
Skill bonuses

+10 Heavy Armor (Level 25)
+5 Block (Level 20)
+5 Enchanting (Level 20)
+5 One-Handed (Level 20)
+5 Smithing (Level 20)
+5 Two-Handed (Level 20)

Of the above the only one that helps me is the one-handed and a little of the two-handed. The beserker rage does help out on some of the harder mobs but I have to use it carefully. I am playing "in game" so I won't just stand in place for 24 hours to recharge it. I also avoid most "teleports" and instead run or use the carriages. I am not fanatical about it though - in general I just try to avoid using it.

My "primary" skill set, in order of importance (to me), is: Sneak, One-handed, Restoration, and Light Armor. They will get most of the perks. Secondary skills are Two-handed and Archery which will get just a few perks.

I see him as a sort of Ranger with his favored enemy being Undead and more emphasis on healing instead of "nature" based spells. But he has the conjure familiar which is a wolf and a smattering of low level spells (since don't have any perks left in my build plan) from destruction, alteration and illusion.

Anyhow the Scholar idea sounds fun. It is interesting to note that the person who runs the Arcaneium in Winterhold is an Orsimer! So it is not out of the question to be an Orc Scholar.

PS - I may add a few stories later on. When it comes to the guilds the thieves guild is out and the warriors guild I believe I may stop at the werewolf choke point … not sure if I will make the decision to go forward with that or not. I have never done the Mages guild so I am leaning towards that although I consider it somewhat out of Vargs character. The Dawnguard is the best fit for him.
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