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November 18th, 2012, 16:48
OK, for those interested, here's my party of stalwart adventurers in Champions of Krynn. These characters are all UNMODIFIED, i.e. all their stats are rolled fair and square, not fudged.

Do note that I didn't agonize long and hard on what sort of characters to make, instead I went with a more instinctive way, kind of roleplaying my choices. This may well bite me in the arse if/when I play the second game in the trilogy, if I port this party over, e.g. level caps for non-humans are quite harsh (and, IMHO, plain stupid). But that's waaay out there in the future, I'll worry about it then, possibly making a new party altogether.

I chose the basic, tried and tested party composition of 2 fighters, 2 clerics and 2 mages. One of the fighters is actually a knight (Krynn's version of a paladin). Also, one of the clerics and one of the mages is multi-classed. I probably should have multi-classed the other mage too (as a fighter/mage), but I wasn't that well-prepared AD&D rules-wise to realize that when I made the party and now I'm too far into the game to start over. I'll roll with the punches and hope for the best. (NB: The Krynn trilogy does not allow dual classing for humans, which is quite a big change from the other AD&D games.)

Without further ado, here's the party (after two level ups since the start):

PC 1: Gregor is a Knight of the Crown and the leader of my party. He started with a suit of plate mail (see footnote 1) and a broad sword (see footnote 2), none of the other classes start with any pre-bought equipment. Check out that STR score! Not too shabby, eh? As he levels up he has a chance to change the knightly order he belongs to, if he meets the stat requirements, which he easily does. This will give him the spell-casting abilities of a paladin (at lvl 6), but also increase the XP requirements to level up and (IIRC) increase the amount of money he has to tithe when they enter a town (this can be cheated by not having the knight carry any money on him). I haven't changed the knightly order yet, since he's only at level 3 and wouldn't gain any advantage of the change now. Once Gregor hits level 6, I think I will.

Looking at the inventory you'll see several melee weapons on him. It is a very good idea to carry at least two melee weapons on you, as the Baaz Draconians (which you'll be fighting early on) will turn to stone when they die and sometimes your weapon gets stuck in them when they do. You can recover the stuck weapon after the fight, but unless you have a spare weapon, you're fighting the rest of the battle bare handed. Not a good idea.

Gregor is also carrying some extra crud on him (e.g. the scale mail), which I'm going to sell once I get back to town. However, money doesn't seem to be an issue in this game. I'm only at the 1st dungeon's 2nd floor (basement, actually) and I already have more money that I can spend. I think I have about 8000 steel pieces (Krynn's equivalent of gold pieces) in bank at the moment. I'm a creature of habit, it seems, and even if the loot is (largely) irrelevant, I still like to take a little of it. For the sake of looting. You do get so many generic swords, maces and low level armours as loot in this game, that there is no sense in trying to loot them all (and the store at the town won't pay anything for them anyhow).

PC 2: Barukh is a dwarven fighter, my Gimli wannabe. Fighters start at level 2 and level faster than knights, so I expect Barukh to be my main "meat shield" and a mean, bearded killing machine who doesn't take no lip from pesky hobgoblins or mighty dragons. I would have equipped him with an axe, but alas there were none to be found. Sacrilege! Currently he's wielding a mace, as he's been fighting skeletons and they are better handled with a crushing weapon (extra crunchy).

PC 3: Estelle is a cleric of Mishakal, a deity of Good alignment, and to my surprise (hadn't noticed this before) 50 years old. Well, she certainly isn't slowed by her age and she swings her Flail +1 with righteous fervour and vigour. Undead flee before her in droves (she's been very successful in turning them). Being a follower of Mishakal grants her +1 die on all healing spells (very good) and extra spells of Charm Person, Remove Curse, and Bless, of which Charm and Bless have seen frequent use. She's not just a healbot, but a vital part of my party, who can kick arse and take names like the best of them.

There is an unidentified clerical scroll in her inventory, which I can't seem to find a place to get it identified. The temple in the town doesn't do it and the armourer/shopkeeper can't identify it. I guess having one of my mages cast Read Magic and check it out could ID it, but I haven't gotten around to testing that yet.

Whoa, this is getting long and I've got to run. I'll finish this in another post. I've got three party members, the back line to this trio of front liners, to introduce still. Until then!

Footnote 1: I have to grumble a bit about this misnomer. There is no such thing as plate MAIL or scale MAIL, etc. The word "mail" (or maille) is not synonymous with armour, it means one specific type of armour, that which is called chainmail in most RPGs. So, you should only have mail/maille armour, or chainmail if you like. Other armours, like plate or scale, ought to be just that: "plate" (i.e. plate armour) or "scale" (i.e. scale armour). NOT plate mail or scale mail. There, I've said it. I feel better now.

Footnote 2: Another grumble, I'm sorry. This ought to be named an "arming sword", most likely. Broadsword is an anachronism, but I'll let it slide for now. It's been rooted in the RPG vocabulary and isn't as bad as that plate mail malarkey I ranted about above.
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