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November 18th, 2012, 21:27
NWN was already "done" by the time Atari latched on. The lawsuit to wrestle it away from Interplay resulted in Interplay keeping the royalties from BG2 they weren't paying.

The funny thing is they had to scrap the original plot as well as a lot of content, like tilesets, as part of the settlement. This came out a long time after (you can see screenshots of the game that weren't included at sorcerer's palace).

They weren't going to even release a game with it, just make it a toolset, until marketing showed them that it would never work. And had they done that they wouldn't have gotten ripped to shreads because most users (and gaming magazines) didn't bother with the toolset - its best feature.

1.2 million words for that dud that was hacked out in 6 months. wow.

There was a lot of people shocked when the original Interplay got leaked. It probably would have just slipped through the cracks too if I hadn't made a noise about it everywhere I could.

One can't help be reminded of all the great dialog in TOEE that came after.
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