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November 18th, 2012, 22:05
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
it was. i was following the game for quite some time after BG2. I'd post a link but they wiped the forums at launch.
A playable story was a part of the package at least as far back as the beginning of 2000 (which I know because I was the first designer hired on to work with the pre-existing story, and that was at the beginning of 2000), though NWN was announced in August '99 — so that does leave about 4 months where they may have been considering going without playable content. I'd love to see the link; too bad the forums got wiped.

EDIT: Actually, I'm going to guess that the idea of "no story included with NWN" was a myth or rumor or misinterpreted comment or speculation that may have been repeated enough to be considered a true statement. Back in August 1999, the week after the game was announced, Marc Holmes (who was the art director for NWN) wrote on the forums:

Single player is NOT an add on! Rob and James have been working on it for months. We will probably have two man years of implementation planning for the single player story. We love single player RPG's ! We're not going to let that slide. We did it in BG right? Why would be not do it in NWN. I wish I could talk about the single player story, but there are so many twists, we are under strict orders not to leak anything. All I can say, is you're gonna to love it!
Rob and James being, of course, Rob Bartel (lead designer) and James Ohlen (design director).
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