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November 19th, 2012, 09:26
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
Don't forget Pool of Radiance was already remade and it was the bestselling new game for its first two weeks.
Uh, if you're referring to Ruins of Myth Drannor, no way that was a remake. It's a revisitation of the gameplay perhaps, yes - but it's not a remake per se, more of a loosely made sequel. Both games even have their own novel.

My feelings on this topic tend to be a little different than most.
I tend to agree in some ways with DArtagnan in part - I find it a little frustrating that more ways aren't being created to evolve existing gameplay dynamics/styles and improve upon the established older classics in particular sub-genres.

One great example of that is the depth of world environment interaction found in Ultima Underworld I+II. Rather than see a remake of these already great games, (ok, I'll admit I'd love to see a sequel too) I'd much prefer a new game attempt to evolve and improve the gameplay found within them.
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